-start tour at Principle ( buy ticket 24ore 4,50 EUR or 4 Persons 9 EUR)

  • enter Metro and exit at San Giorgio (2 Stations)
  • go up Via San Lorenzo
  • visit San Lorenzo
  • have a look to Casa di Christoforo Colombo
  • take place at Piazza de Ferrari – amazing Place 🙂
  • go on to Via XXV Aprile to reach Piazza del Portello
  • take the elevator to have a beautyfull view at Belvedere Casteletto
  • Visit the amazing Palace street Via Garibaldi
  • enter the cablecar at Largo Zecca to get on the top of Righi and have a view you never forget !!!
  • take the elevator back till Carbonara
  • have a walk to Castello D’Albertis(Corso Dogali)
  • take the Elevator at Corso Dogali down to Via Balbi
  • Walk back to Cruise Terminal / Principle or have a look at the Royale Palace Museum ( Palazo Reale) at Via Balbi






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